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BUYING INTO A COMMUNITY by John Nitzken, Principal Broker John Nitzken REALTORS

Know what you are buying into.

When we refer to Community Living, we mean living in a specific community within the Greater Louisville Metro area.    A community even more specific than a neighborhood.   We mean a community like a Neighborhood Association, a Condominium Association or a Patio Home Community.   These communities typically have common elements and areas maintained by an association.

Home owners in these communities need to know what responsibilities they are solely responsible for and what responsibilities the association is responsible for.

When purchasing a home within a community, first get all the current documents for the association so that you may gain an understanding of the rules, regulations and responsibilities.

Some associations are very strong and provide a comfortable, pleasant and fiscally stable community to live in.   On the other hand, some associations leave much to be desired and might not provide a very comfortable community to live within.

Our agents will help you gain valuable information on a community prior to your commitment to purchase within that community – so you make an informed decision.     We’ll help you gain access to important information like: The Condominium Declaration (sometimes known as the Master Deed); The Association By-Laws; The Rules and Regulations; The Minutes to Board Meetings; Past Assessments; Upcoming Assessments; Operating Budgets and Balance Sheets; Master Insurance Policies and more. 

When considering a move into a Neighborhood Association or a Condominium/Patio Home Community, give us a call and make your best move ever.