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by John on February 28, 2018

Looking for a home in Audubon Park?  You’re not alone.  Audubon Park is an area rich in tradition and pride.

Conveniently located in Louisville and  just about 3 miles south of Downtown, home  development in the area began in the early 1900’s.  Construction stalled during World War I – particularly as Louisville, Kentucky was building, what was at the time, the country’s largest military base – CAMP TAYLOR in 1917.  The military camp surrounded what is now the city of Audubon Park.  After the War, development in this premier Louisville location resumed.

The city, name after famous wildlife painter John J. Audubon is home to streets named for birds.  Distinctive properties can be found throughout Audubon Park on streets named:  Oriole Dr, Oriole Ct, Cardinal Dr, Chickadee Rd, Falcon Dr, Wren Rd, Robin Rd, Linnet Rd, Dove Lane, Dove Lawn, Thrush Rd, Teal Ave, Widgeon Ave, Meadowlark Ave, Sora Ave, Eagle Pass, Valley Dr, Crossbill Rd, Curfew Ave and Audubon Parkway.

Audubon Park is home of the Spring Dogwood Festival and Fall Arts and Crafts Festival.
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